Air Conditioning – creating and maintaining a comfortable parameters of air environment in enclosed spaces (temperature, relative humidity, cleanliness, air speed and air pressure).

The most important part of designing air conditioning systems is to calculate the heat inflows, both domestically (occurring at the expense of the occupants of space, equipment, lighting, etc.) and external (for account of solar radiation, outside warmer air).

In the matter of the choice of air conditioning systems are important professional calculation and approach that would avoid the noise of air distribution and discomfort.

Calculation and installation of air conditioning is a complex and demanding job, as there are many technical, financial, architectural and aesthetic requirements and problems on the basis of the tasks assigned to the engineers. All of them are very important and directly related to the further work of the object.

Our company carries out construction and installation of individual air-conditioning systems for factories, industrial premises, multi-residential complexes, entertainment centers, shopping malls, hotels, vacation homes, private houses, offices, restaurants, apartments and facilities for various purposes. Our team of professionals also provides requirements with specification, calculates the heat inflows, determines the type of system, creates plans and makes rough working draft.


We offer the following services in the areas listed above:


–  Calculation of pipelines and air conditioning equipment


–  Import of domestic and industrial air conditioning systems, chillers, fancoils, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, etc.


–  Installation and commissioning (including the most difficult systems)