One of the main specializations of “WAELCON” company is the production of glass aluminum structures: windows, doors, façade glazing, automatic entrance systems. In addition, we offer our professional services for the production, assembly, and installation of stained glass panels and atriums.

Our company specializes in the production and installation of aluminum structures. The work experience and use of cutting-edge technologies in production make the products more popular. We use high-quality aluminum profiles and fittings with a long-term warranty in our work, using certified materials from leading manufacturers.

The range of our company products is constantly expanding. No intermediaries; the buyer deals directly with the manufacturer. That is why the prices of our products remain affordable for all categories of production.

The range of application is quite wide; the products are used in residential and non-residential construction. It unlocks a new era of comfort, in which partitions, doors, and windows do not break, do not crack from frost and heat, and do not let cold and heat through. They serve to design multifunctional apartment blocks, houses, commercial property, offices, commercial areas, industrial territories, etc.

Production features:

Today, advanced technologies are used in the production of aluminum profiles, which allows to produce lightweight structures characterized by increased strength.

As a rule, the aluminum profile is made of three-component alloys, where silicon and magnesium are used in addition to aluminum. Such profiles are made in two types: cold and combined warm, which have different levels of thermal conductivity.

Aluminum structures differ in appearance, thermal conductivity, types of fillings and fittings. The structures are made of “warm” or “cold” aluminum profiles. The warm profile (profile with thermal break) is equipped with a plastic or polyamide thermal break, which prevents freezing in winter. The profile is painted in different colors according to the RAL color map, and undergoes the process of anodic treatment or texturing.

“WAELCON” company produces aluminum structures with various fillings. We offer the following filling options:

  • single glass;
  • double-glazed windows (with 2 and 3 panes);
  • sandwich panels.

Types of glass used in aluminum structures:

  • transparent and refined;
  • tempered;
  • matte;
  • colour (body-tinted);
  • film-coated glasses (vandal-proof and/or colour films);
  • glass with drawings (photo printing, sandblasting, engraving, film, etc.);
  • double-glazed windows with decorative strips;
  • double-glazed windows with energy-saving or multifunctional glass.

Our company offers the following benefits:

  • Supply of aluminum profiles and accessories from foreign manufacturers;
  • Wholesale of aluminum profiles and accessories;
  • Provision of comprehensive services, from measurements to commissioning;
  • Production of aluminum structures;
  • Accomplishment of non-standard tasks;
  • Design and estimate works;
  • Professional staff;
  • Warranty service;
  • Quality control;
  • Low, competitive prices;
  • Quick performance of the order.

Our professional engineers, constructors and designers will ensure the design, production and installation of custom-made aluminum structures within the agreed time frame with the provision of warranty and post-warranty service.

We have our own design department at our disposal; our specialists have extensive experience in the field of aluminum structures.

The company’s production department is equipped with state-of-the-art, powerful equipment. That is why the production of aluminum doors, windows, façade systems is performed in a quality and reliable manner, in accordance with modern norms and standards. A wide range of colors, coatings, drawings, and engravings are available to customers.

Each stage of the aluminum structure production undergoes strict oversight, ruling out any faults or inaccuracies.