“WAELCON” company is a modern, vigorous, and fast-developing company engaged in importing and distributing energy-efficient technologies in lighting sphere. We focus on LED lighting as the most effective, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient equipment. The foundation of the organization is the desire to be universal in the selection and organization of energy-efficient projects and lighting systems.

Since the beginnings we are a multibrand supplier of LED products in RA. And we offer a complete range of luminaires and components from the best international manufacturers. “WAELCON” LLC is engaged in sales of high-quality products for organization of lighting systems. Our range includes LED and simple lights, modular solutions, booster lights, optics, and drivers.

Currently, the company implements all types of technical and architectural-artistic lighting projects. We are sure that only a collaboration between architects, illumination engineers, and electricians, as well as practical guidelines from electrical wiring specialists can guarantee the performance and results of work at the highest level, fully meeting the requirements of any customer. We help to create a sketch of the lighting design on the basis of 3D modeling can be made.

The lighting design lets the customer see a 3D model of the exterior, interior, architectural façade, and landscape lighting at the initial stage and compare the result when the work is completed.

The architectural façade lighting helps modify and modernize any building. We offer professional and unique solutions that can completely change the appearance of the building giving a new look to the architectural structure.

“WAELCON” company’s specialists also design and implement interior lighting projects.

Depending on the purpose of the premises “WAELCON” company’s specialists determine the type, color, design, number of lamps, and projectors. The lighting equipment is also selected by light power and in compliance with the location and cladding of the building. In addition, the customer’s preferences are taken into account when choosing the color grade and lighting parameters. At the final stage of the design, lighting devices are selected on the basis of photometric technical data, the arrangement is made and the lighting accents are decided.

Our portfolio includes lighting works for public buildings and premises, shopping centers and shops, warehouses and workshops, parking facilities, landscapes, streets, hotels, etc. Our company’s specialists always consider the architect’s and client’s comments to achieve the best possible aesthetic result.

As a result of long-term commercial activity and accumulated experience, we have established stable connections with the largest manufacturing plants. Our company supplies lighting fixtures for various purposes and offers consumers only high-quality products from well-known brands that meet global standards.

The product range is designed for use in the industrial, street, office, and architectural lighting fields.

One of our company’s priorities is to give consumers a choice. One can acquire the equipment at high, medium, or low prices, and as a result have the system at an acceptable cost.

The diversity of our range leaves a wide range of possibilities.

The main types of lighting services are:

  • Technical advice by experienced specialists;
  • Prompt assistance in choosing the equipment;
  • Technical and economic calculations;
  • Preparation of lighting project, individual design;
  • 3D modelling with DIALux, Cinema4D, 3D MAX programs;
  • Supply of lighting equipment;
  • Installation supervision;
  • Efficient quality control;
  • Installation and commissioning;
  • Warranty maintenance.